Aloha and welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy the images I have created here. Please take your time and browse around, drop me a line as I look forward to your questions and comments. I am often traveling remotely so please be patient if I don’t respond right away…

Now a little bit more about me. My passion for the ocean began at age 12 when I learned to snorkel on a family vacation to the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. I was an Air Force kid living in Germany at the time and the ocean was so far away, literally and figuratively. What an eye opener that experience was!

Back in Tucson, Arizona I continued my love of the sea by becoming a PADI SCUBA instructor and co-owner and manager of a SCUBA diving shop. But that was still too far from the ocean for me so I headed to the Caribbean to work on a live aboard Dive Boat. It was at this time that I published my very first photograph; a close up of a male fine-spotted jawfish with eggs in its mouth. The image was purchased by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and I was on my way!

But only 2 months later life threw me a pretty serious curveball, I was “bent” while SCUBA diving in the Netherlands Antilles. Emergency recompression chamber treatments in Saba saved my life, but my diving career was over.

What to do and where to go? The early 90’s found me running commercial dive and whale watching trips out of Lahaina, Maui. It is at this time that I started traveling to photograph marine wildlife using snorkeling equipment rather than bulky SCUBA gear.

Since 2004 I have been working for Lindblad Expeditions as a naturalist. The company is aligned with National Geographic and offers expeditions to some of the most remote parts of the world. In a very short time I was able to combine my love of the natural watery world with my love of teaching and taking photos. These days I teach photography for Lindblad Expeditions and still work on my own photography as well.

I specialize in intimate portraits of marine animals. I currently “migrate” with the whales, spending my winters in the warmer tropical latitudes where they mate and give birth and my summers in the cooler higher latitudes where animals migrate to feed.  Whenever I am on land I imagine myself as a turtle…always running as fast as I can back to the sea. Hope to see you there!

Me ke aloha,

– Michael